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The 2024 Apopka Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Thursday, May 2nd

Indivdual Ticket Sales

Meet our Keynote Speaker:


Timothy Barton is the President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our religious, moral, and constitutional heritage. WallBuilders has been recognized from coast-to-coast for its work in education, history, law, and public policy, integrating the elements of Biblical faith and morality throughout all aspects of American life and culture.


Tim is an ordained minister and has worked in a variety of church staff positions, including as youth minister, worship leader, and assistant pastor. He now spends countless hours in WallBuilders’ library of tens of thousands of original documents, researching the truth of America’s founding and exposing the lies regarding our history that currently permeate our society. He consults with numerous state and federal legislators on policy and legislation and speaks to a variety of groups across the nation each year....   READ TIM'S FULL BIO



The Apopka Community Center
(519 S Central Avenue, Apopka FL 32703)

About the Event

The Apopka Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast is an annual gathering that coincides with the national day of prayer and is intended to unite Apopkans and local leaders through reverent observance of our community’s need for God’s sovereign mercies, providence, and divine guidance

Here in Apopka, this means
approximately 350 - 400 individuals including pastors, political leaders, business owners, community leaders, service organizations, and more coming together and honoring God with heartfelt prayer while seeking His continued favor and active leading in our lives.

This year’s program will include musical performance, video presentation, prayers led by various community leaders, and an inspirational message from the current year’s special keynote speaker, TIMOTHY BARTON.

Details for Attendees

Tickets, VIP Passes, and Invoices

  • Invoices, Tickets, and VIP parking passes will be mailed to attendees shortly after their payments are received.



  • VIP Parking Pass holders should follow parking signs that say “VIP Parking” on them. Once parked, VIP Passes should be CLEARLY displayed on their dashboard to avoid being asked to move their vehicle.

  • Attendees without VIP Parking Passes should follow signs for “General Parking” 



  • Tickets will be collected at the front door and are required for entry. 

  • Attendees should be sure to write their name and organization name on their ticket (helps our team with attendance tracking).



  • Attendees will have a specific table reserved for them. An event assistant will help point them to their reserved table.



  • After finding their seats, attendees may proceed to the breakfast buffet table (open between 6:30am and 7:00am). Attendees should note that the program is scheduled to start promptly 7am. Attendees are encouraged to plan to arrive EARLY enough to be able to park, find their seat, get food from the buffet, and return to their table before the program begins.


Noon Prayer Service

  • Attendees are welcome to join us on the steps of City Hall at noon for additional prayer led by various pastors and community leaders.


Please contact Pastor Joe Bankson (407) 462-7742

Register Now!

Whether you are coming as an individual or as a group, we have a reservation option for you.

Click below to secure your seat / table today!

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